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School Renews Classroom Whiteboards with EverEZ Panels

Old chalkboards and badly stained marker boards at a South Carolina elementary school have new life as classroom whiteboards, thanks to installation of EverEZ resurfacing panels from EVERWhite.

renewed classroom whiteboardSt. John Catholic School in North Charleston, S.C., installed the stick-on dry erase surface sheets on old boards in each of its classrooms. EverEZ panels are custom-cut to match the dimensions of existing boards, fitting within the frames. The result is a new whiteboard surface without the cost of a framed board.

“We absolutely love them,” said school Principal Karen Durand of the resurfaced school whiteboards.

The school’s chalkboards were 70 years old, while existing marker boards were severally stained with ink – a common problem on whiteboards with porous surfaces, such as melamine.

The school board wanted whiteboard surfaces that would be easy to install, and that would last for many, many years.

“As a very small school, we can’t afford to redo projects,” said Bob Radin, who serves on the volunteer school board for St. John. “We have to get things done right the first time.”

The school staff also wanted a product that would strongly adhere to the old surfaces, so the sheets wouldn’t eventually peel off.

“We applied them directly over the original 70-year-old slate chalk boards and, while I was concerned with adhesion — well, I have to tell you, they will still be on the walls long after this 70-year-old school falls down!”

Teachers in the K-8 school won’t have to worry about staining or ghosting of their new marker surfaces – EVERWhite guarantees that the surface will never stain or ghost, due to the unique, non-porous quality of the surface.

The surfaces are easy to clean, too. Simply use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe away writing or drawing, and occasionally clean the surface with water or common glass cleaners such as Windex®.

Radin said the magnetic quality of the whiteboard resurfacing panels is a bonus. “Both the teachers and the students are thrilled with the fact that they are magnetic,” he said. “We are 100 percent satisfied. Thank you so much for helping us upgrade our classroom facilities.”

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