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Best Mounting Heights for Whiteboards in Classrooms

Classroom whiteboards should be mounted at a height appropriate to the age of the students in the room or the grade level of the school. Check out the following suggested best mounting heights in elementary schools, high schools and colleges and universities.

The suggested height for boards in high schools and colleges also is appropriate for offices and other business and organization applications.

These recommended height positions are based on the common height of dry erase whiteboards, which is 4 feet. The measurement is the height of the bottom of the whiteboard from the floor.

  • whiteboard mounting heights4K through 4th grade – 2′ 4″ from floor
  • 5th and 6th grades – 2′ 8″ from floor
  • 7th and 8th grades – 2′ 10″ from floor
  • High schools, colleges and universities – 3′ from floor

The mounting heights can apply to EVERWhite’s ULTÍmatte 5-foot-tall projection whiteboards, as well as 4-foot-tall whiteboards.

There are no ADA regulations that specifically refer to wall-mounted, non-sliding whiteboards. Some higher educational institutions recommend mounting heights that put the center of the board at 54 inches from the floor, while others point to ADA regulations regarding signs that call for the center of the sign to be 60 inches from the floor.

Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Whiteboards for Classroom Use

Best Classroom WhiteboardsSchools commonly install magnetic whiteboards at the front of a classroom and non-magnetic whiteboards on the side or back walls. The recommended mounting height for those classroom whiteboards is the same. Read more about selecting a magnetic or non-magnetic marker board.

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