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Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

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Lifetime Guarantee

Whiteboards Guaranteed Not to Stain

An EVERWhite Whiteboard Stays Clean and Bright for a Lifetime

EVERWhite whiteboards, proudly manufactured by EVERWhite in the USA, are guaranteed not to stain for a lifetime.

We are able to offer this lifetime guarantee due to our proprietary, non-porous whiteboard surface.

whiteboard guaranteed not to stainAn EVERWhite whiteboard surface will always easily wipe clean and remain white. Even permanent marker ink can be removed from our surface, as the ink cannot penetrate the surface.

No special cleaners or tools are needed to maintain the clean, white surface. While the EVERWhite surface is hard and durable, sharp objects that could scratch the surface should not be used. (See our whiteboard cleaning advice.)

Because EVERWhite whiteboards remain white and ghost-free, the total cost of ownership is lower than other brands, and maintenance is a breeze. It’s simply the best whiteboard surface available.

Contact EVERWhite to learn more about our lifetime warranty. Use our contact form, call 800-335-7319, or send an email message.