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... we only use EVERWhite boards. It’s a fantastic product
because they are easy to clean and they never stain ...
- Frank L. Carberry, Director of Physical Plant
They’re great! I wish I had known about them years ago.
- Ben Adair, Manager of Purchasing



Whiteboards for Any Presentation Need

EVERWhite offers whiteboards in a wide range of standard sizes, and in aluminum or wood frames. Choose a magnetic whiteboard surface or a cost-saving non-magnetic board.

Wide Variety of Sizes

We sell dry erase boards in sizes ranging from 1×1-foot to 4×20-foot. For classrooms and office use, the standard size of a whiteboard is 4×6. Our ULTÍmatte matte surface whiteboards are 5 feet tall and have a matte surface that makes them ideal as projection boards.

We manufacture our boards in the USA, giving us the greatest quality control, and allowing us to offer factory-direct pricing.
Our non-porous dry erase surface allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee against ghosting and staining. That surface also makes EVERWhite white boards the easiest to clean. Dry erase marker ink cannot penetrate the surface, giving EVERWhite the best erasability of any marker board. Our surfaces stay white and bright for a lifetime.

EVERWhite Dry Erase Boards Are Easy to Install

EVERWhite dry erase boards are built to last and are easy to install on walls. For installation advice, see our simple instructions, or watch one of our whiteboard installation videos: Aluminum Framed Boards or Wood Framed Boards.
For advice on choosing the right product, read our How to Choose a Whiteboard column with advice on whiteboards for sale.

Widely Used

Our boards are ideal for schools, offices, factories, hospitals, and sports venues.

How to Clean a Whiteboard

Learn how to clean our boards to keep them bright and white.

Select Your Whiteboard Now

Click on any of the product options at the top of this page, then select a size and whether you want a marker tray or not. There is no additional cost for a marker tray. Bulk pricing discounts are available.
For custom printed products, see our Custom Shop section. We also offer custom-size whiteboards.

Check Out These Resources

See our Resources page for links to organizations, associations and other entities relating to schools and education.
Or directly check out groups such as the Association for Learning Environments, or the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.