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Whiteboards for Teaching, Planning, Collaborating and More

EVERWhite sells whiteboards for teaching, presentations, collaborating, and planning. Our boards come in a wide range of standard sizes. Choose a magnetic board surface or a cost-saving non-magnetic board. The dry erase surfaces are super easy to keep white and bright for a lifetime. Frame options are aluminum and dark and light wood.

Wide Variety of Board Sizes

We sell dry erase boards in sizes ranging from 1×1-foot to 4×20-foot, suitable for any communication or brainstorming need. For classrooms and office use, the best selling whiteboard is 4×6. Our ULTÍmatte projection boards are 5 feet tall and have a matte surface.
dry erase boards
(We also sell Mobile Whiteboards in a variety of sizes.)

On each whiteboard product page, you can select the size you need, and whether or not you want a free, full-length marker tray. The product pages include a convenient opportunity to directly add dry erase markers, cleaning cloths, and other accessories to your order. Bulk discounts are offered for all of our products.

Our Surfaces Are the Easiest to Clean,
and Are Guaranteed to Stay Bright and White

Our non-porous dry erase surface allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee against staining. That dry erase surface also makes EVERWhite white boards the easiest to clean with water or common window cleaners. Dry erase marker ink cannot penetrate the surface, giving EVERWhite the best erasability of any marker board. Our surfaces stay white and bright for a lifetime.

Our boards with magnetic surfaces let you securely attach papers and pictures to the boards for additional communications and presentation needs. Magnets are available from the Accessories section of our online store.

EVERWhite Dry Erase Boards Are Easy to Install

EVERWhite dry erase boards are built to last and are easy to install on walls. For installation advice regarding wall-mounted boards see our simple instructions, or watch one of our whiteboard installation videos: Aluminum Framed Boards or Wood Framed Boards.
For advice on choosing the right product, read our How to Choose a Whiteboard column with advice selecting the best dry erase surface for your need.

Whiteboards Widely Used in Education, Business, Health Care

Our whiteboards are ideal for schools, offices, conference centers, factories, hospitals, sports venues, home offices and elsewhere.

Custom Printed Boards

For custom printed products, see our Custom Shop section. We also offer custom-size whiteboards.

We manufacture our boards in the U.S.A.