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... the boards are extremely durable and have held up
extremely well under continuous use in the NYC headquarters.
- Courtney Kudey



Whiteboards for Any Presentation Need

Whiteboards from EVERWhite are available in magnetic and non-magnetic versions.
Our proprietary, non-porous dry erase surface allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee against ghosting and staining. That surface also makes EVERWhite whiteboards the easiest to clean. Dry erase marker ink easily wipes away.
We manufacture our own whiteboards in the USA, giving us the greatest quality control, and allowing us to offer factory-direct pricing. Our most popular boards are delivered in just a few days through our Quick Ship program.
We have extensive experience working with school districts, contractors, architects and other specifiers who order multiple boards, and we offer discount pricing for bulk orders.

Wide Range of Sizes, and Custom-Sizes

EVERWhite white boards come in a wide range of standard sizes, from 1×1-foot to 4×20-foot. We can make custom sizes. Frame options include aluminum and wood.

EVERWhite Boards Are Built to Last, Easy to Install

EVERWhite whiteboards are built to last and are easy to install. For installation advice, see our simple instructions, or watch one of our whiteboard installation videos: Aluminum Framed Boards or Wood Framed Boards.
For advice on choosing the right whiteboard, read our How to Choose a Whiteboard column.
Read How to Clean a Dry Erase Board, for proper board cleaning methods, including the use of cleaners like Windex®.

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