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Classroom Whiteboards

School Classroom Whiteboards for K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities

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Classroom Whiteboards

Classroom whiteboards made and sold by EVERWhite are the best whiteboards for use in K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Along with use in school classrooms, our award-winning school whiteboards are used by teachers and professors in lecture halls, conference rooms, music rooms, and athletic training rooms.

If you are looking for a whiteboard for a classroom, we make them as small as 1×1 foot, and also make large dry erase boards for classrooms – up to 4×20 feet. Frames can be standard aluminum or wood. Whiteboards that are 5 feet tall also are available for classrooms and lecture halls. Read more about standard classroom whiteboard sizes.

Classroom Dry Erase Boards That Don’t Stain

Our classroom dry erase boards never stain, which is why EVERWhite is the school whiteboard preferred by teachers, maintenance staff and facility managers. Ink from dry erase markers can be easily wiped off – giving EVERWhite classroom boards the greatest erasability. No harsh or odorous chemicals are needed to clean the dry erase surface.

Because of the guaranteed-not-to-stain dry erase surface, presentations on EVERWhite classroom boards will always be clear and brilliant, and maintenance costs are reduced – making these the best classroom whiteboards when considering quality, durability and maintenance.

Specifying for Division 10 Visual Display Products for school classrooms? See our Division 10 page for product information, specs and other downloadable information about our whiteboards for classrooms.

Through our Everase division, we also offer whiteboard wallcovering, which some schools use to apply to walls like wallpaper – but with an erasable dry erase surface.

Mobile Whiteboards for Schools

rolling coaching whiteboards - school whiteboardsIn addition to wall-mounted dry erase boards, EVERWhite offers the Edison Series of highly durable, solidly built, mobile whiteboards for use in school classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls and locker rooms.

These double-sided portable whiteboards have EVERWhite’s famous, easy cleaning, non-staining dry erase surfaces, and are designed and built to last many years.

Our mobile whiteboards come with plain white dry erase surfaces, or with graphics such as football fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, hockey rinks and volleyball courts. Others have penmanship lines, music staff lines and solid grid lines commonly used in classrooms. The EZGrid series includes mobile whiteboards with ghosted grid patterns to guide writing and drawing, but which are barely visible to students in the room.

Teachers, aides and others will find these mobile boards easy to move around. Once in place, the boards can be kept stationary by the lockable casters. We offer mobile whiteboards in five different sizes.

Shop Our Edison Series of Mobile Whiteboards.

Calendar Whiteboards for Classrooms

calendar whiteboardsEVERWhite offers preprinted calendar whiteboards in magnetic and non-magnetic versions for classrooms. These boards have aluminum frames and EVERWhite’s non-staining dry erase surface.

Calendar lines are printed below the surface, so they won’t fade or cause bumps that could hinder writing.

Calendar whiteboards are available in 1-month, 2-month, 3-month, 4-month, 6-month and 12-month configurations – each in four different color options.

For the magnetic calendar boards, we offer month and date magnet sets that fit the month and day cells of the calendars.

All calendar boards come with wall-mounting hardware and mounting instructions. Shop for Calendar Whiteboards.

whiteboard music staffEVERWhite classroom whiteboards also are available preprinted with graphics commonly used in schools, including:

  • music staff lines,
  • penmanship lines,
  • graphic coordinates, grids, and polar charts – all with solid lines
    • Our new EZGrid boards have watermarked grids to guide writing, drawing and designing. Patterns include regular grids, isometric grids for 3-D drawing, and dots.

Projection Whiteboards

projection whiteboard, matte surface, 5 feet tallIn addition to our standard 4-foot-tall whiteboards, we offer 5-foot boards with a matte surface – which is ideal for use as a projection surface in school classrooms or lecture halls. Read more about our ULTÍmatte 5′ projection whiteboards.

Magnetic Whiteboards, Combination Boards

Our wall-mounted magnetic whiteboards and combination cork and whiteboards expand the use of our boards, allowing users to post class documents easily.

Wondering whether to buy a school whiteboard with a magnetic surface or non-magnetic surface? Read our column on how schools use magnetic whiteboards and non-magnetic whiteboards.

For advice on installing whiteboards at the proper height in classrooms, read our column Classroom Whiteboards – Best Mounting Heights.

Custom Designed Whiteboards for Schools

custom printed whiteboards - order onlineWe offer custom-designed whiteboards for classroom or athletic department use. These boards can include your mascot and school colors, sports field or court layouts, calendars, or any desired items.

Graphics are embedded underneath the dry erase surface, so they’ll never fade and won’t be bumpy.

Graphics can be applied to any school whiteboard, including our resurfacing panels.

EVERWhite replacement whiteboard panels are the economical solution for updating old, worn out marker boards or chalkboards in classrooms. Alternatively, resurfacing film from our Everase division can be used to renew a whiteboard.

To order standard or custom printed whiteboards, call us at 800-335-7319.

“Over the long term, EVERWhite whiteboards are, by far, less costly. Our instructors were always complaining about our whiteboards until we started using boards from EVERWhite.”
– David Staerkel, facility manager, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, Menasha, Wis.