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Division 10

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Division 10 Specialties: Visual Display Products

With more than 20 years of experience serving specifiers seeking Division 10 products, EVERWhite is the preferred vendor of specialty products such as:

  • Everwhite dry erase surface guarantee not to staindry erase marker boards – whiteboards,
  • 5′ tall projection whiteboards,
  • cork bulletin boards,
  • whiteboard resurfacing panels,
  • whiteboard/bulletin board combination boards,
  • aluminum or wood framed options, 
  • custom sizes 
  • map rails and other accessories.

With our affiliation with Everase, we also now offer dry erase wall coverings as specified in Division 9.

When you specify EVERWhite and Everase visual display products, you’ll benefit from manufacturer-direct bulk pricing, made-in-the-USA quality and availability, and from knowing you are specifying whiteboards with a dry erase surface that has a lifetime guarantee against staining and that stays white and bright.

For a no-cost sample of our famous dry erase surface, call 800-335-7319.

COVID Recovery Funds for School Equipment

Federal legislation relating to the recovery from the COVID pandemic has made funds available to acquire school equipment. Dry erase products such as wall-mounted whiteboards, mobile whiteboards and resurfacing material might qualify in your state.

Learn about these funding sources:

American-Made in Pennsylvania

Division 10 products from EVERWhite and Division 9 products from Everase are readily available, and shipped quickly from our Pennsylvania location.

Our visual display presentation products are widely used in education, health care and business environments, and come with installation hardware and easy-to-follow installation or assembly guides.

When you are looking for Division 10 specialty companies, count on EVERWhite as the knowledgeable, reliable vendor.

Marker Boards – Whiteboards

EVERWhite marker boards have a non-porous dry erase surface that dry erase marker ink cannot penetrate.

That allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee against staining. It also makes our whiteboards the easiest to clean and keep white and bright, making them a favorite of facility managers, teachers, and business people.

We offer magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces, and aluminum and wood frames. Our magnetic boards have 24-gauge steel in the core.

Sizes of wall-mounted marker boards range from 1’x1′ to 4’x20′ and custom sizes are available.

Dry erase boards can be ordered with or without a continuous, ribbed marker tray with injection molded end caps.

Map rails, flag holders and other accessories are available. We offer standard continuous, 2″ map rail with cork inserts and end stops.

See Aluminum and Wood Framed Whiteboards.

whiteboards for sale

Mobile Whiteboards

EVERWhite’s Edison Series mobile whiteboards have magnetic, dry erase surfaces on both sides, and are supported by very sturdy stands with lockable casters.

The surfaces can be flipped from one side to the other with little effort, and then locked into position – including any angled position.

Like our wall-mounted dry erase boards, the surface of our mobile whiteboards is guaranteed not to stain – for a lifetime. The surface stays white and bright, and can be cleaned with water or with commonly available window cleaners.

The Edison series mobile boards are available in five sizes, and each easily nests with each other for efficient storage.

See Edison Series Mobile Whiteboards.

Matte Surface, Projection Whiteboards

EVERWhite’s ULTIMatte® whiteboards have a matte surface, making them ideal for use as projection whiteboards.

These boards are 5 feet tall, giving presenters 20 percent more space than standard 4-foot whiteboards.

The additional height also provides improved sight lines for people viewing presentations on ULTIMatte boards.

Like all of our dry erase boards, the surface is very easy to clean using water or common window cleaners.

See ULTIMatte Projection Boards.

5-foot-tall projection whiteboard

Cork Bulletin Boards – Tack Boards

EVERWhite bulletin tack boards have high density, self-healing cork that stands up to years of repeated use. When tacks are removed, the pin hole seals up. The natural cork sheet is laminated to a hardwood backing.

The cork will never peel or crack.

Cork is available in 15 colors, including natural.

Select from aluminum or wood frames. A wide variety of sizes are available, starting at 1×1 and up to 4×24.

See Cork Bulletin Boards.

cork bulletin boards

Combination Boards – Whiteboard + Cork Board

Our combination boards have our non-staining dry erase surface with cork panels in one of four positions:

  • Cork across the top
  • Cork on the left or right side
  • Cork on both sides
  • Cork on both sides and across the top

Cork is available in 15 colors, including natural. This is high density cork that will seal up after tacks and pins are removed. It will not crack or peel.

See Combination Boards.

Preprinted and Custom Printed Whiteboards

EVERWhite offers a line of wall-mounted and mobile whiteboards with common graphics printed below the dry erase surface. These are used by schools, businesses and health care organizations.

Preprinted options include boards with:

  • music staff lines
  • penmanship lines
  • solid grids and ghost grids
  • calendars – 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 month

The calendar whiteboards have color options of blue, beige, gray, and black and white. For the magnetic versions, we offer corresponding month and date magnet sets.

See Preprinted Boards.

We also excel in printed custom graphics below our dry erase surfaces. We can print any wording or any design. Call 800-335-7319 to make arrangements for a custom printed whiteboard.

Whiteboard Resurfacing Panels

Worn out whiteboards and chalk boards are given new life with EVERWhite’s EverEZ resurfacing panels.

These sheets of magnetic dry erase surface are cut to your specifications, so they fit perfectly within existing aluminum or wood framed boards.

With an adhesive backing, installation is easy, following our step-by-step installation guide.

See dry erase wall coverings, as specified in Division 9, at our Everase website.

Learn More About Resurfacing Sheets.

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