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Whiteboard Frequently Asked Questions

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Whiteboard Cleaning and Maintenance Questions

What is the covering on the surface of new EVERWhite boards?
What cleaning products should I use to clean my EVERWhite boards?
How do I remove permanent marker ink from a whiteboard?
Should I use standard whiteboard cleaners on my EVERWhite whiteboard?

Whiteboard Surface Questions

What is the difference between EVERWhite whiteboards and porcelain whiteboards?
What is the difference between EVERWhite whiteboards and melamine whiteboards?
Why is the EVERWhite dry erase surface so resistant to staining?
What type of markers should I use on a whiteboard?
Can I use magnets on a whiteboard?
What is the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards?
What kind of erasers should I use to clear a whiteboard?
Can I use your board as a projection surface?
Is the EVERWhite dry erase surface sold in roll form?

Common Questions About Whiteboards

Do you offer a 5-foot-tall whiteboard?
Are any accessories included with a board or resurfacing panel purchase?
What accessories do you have available for purchase?
What type of mounting brackets come with EVERWhite boards?
Do EVERWhite boards have any sharp edges?
Do the marker trays extend the full length of EVERWhite whiteboards?
Can I order a whiteboard without the marker tray?
What is the largest size of board or resurfacing panel I can order?
What is a custom cutting fee?
What is the difference between a map rail and an exhibit rail?

Whiteboard Warranty Questions

What is the EVERWhite warranty?
How do I submit a warranty claim?

Whiteboard Ordering Questions

What methods can I use to submit an order?
What are the quantity price break levels?
What methods of payment do you offer?
What are your payment terms?
Can I purchase EVERWhite products in stores?
What is your return policy?
Is my credit card information secure when I order online?

Whiteboard Shipping Questions

What are your lead times?
Can I expedite my order?
How will my order be shipped?
Where do EVERWhite boards ship from?
Can I have products shipped to a residential address?
How will my order be packaged?
Do you include freight in the price of the boards?
Does someone from my organization need to be present when my order is delivered?
What if my product is damaged during shipping?
What are your hours for customer pickup of completed orders?
What is the address for customer pickup of completed orders?

Whiteboard Resurfacing Panel Questions

What surfaces can be covered with the EVEREZ resurfacing panel?
How do I determine what size to specify when ordering a resurfacing panel?
What kind of adhesive is used on EVEREZ Resurfacing Panels?
Do I need any additional adhesives to install my resurfacing panel?
Will I be able to remove a resurfacing panel if I don’t install it correctly?
Is it possible for me to cut a resurfacing panel?
When should I resurface vs. replace my old chalkboards and whiteboards?

Miscellaneous Questions

What is “ghosting”?
Do you have CAD drawings, specs, or BIM models available?
How do I receive a sample of the EVERWhite dry erase surface?