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Custom Designed Whiteboard


Just three easy steps to get your custom design on an EVERWhite whiteboard, or to get a project quote!

Whatever design you need, EVERWhite’s Custom Shop makes it easy to get the perfect presentation whiteboard.

Note: If ordering multiple boards with different designs or sizes, return to Step 1 for each new item.

Start by picking your board type or surface:





Featured Question:

What file types can I use?

See the answer, and all our Custom Shop FAQs

Need Inspiration? We Can Do That!

We’ve manufactured thousands of custom designed whiteboards, so you can be confident in getting the best board for your needs from the EVERWhite Custom Shop. See examples of custom designs we’ve printed on whiteboards!

custom printed whiteboard

EVERWhite Dry Erase Whiteboards

Our boards have superior erasability and stay white and bright for the lifetime of the board — no staining or ghosting! They can be cleaned with ease by using water or common window cleaners. To protect your graphic for life, it is printed under our proprietary surface so it never fades or creates a bumpy surface.