Resurfacing Panel - Custom Graphics

Whiteboard Resurfacing Panel Measurement Form

* Take your exact measurement and round down to the nearest 1/16th inch

Height: Measure vertically in three locations: A, B and C

whiteboard resurfacing panel vertical measuring guide

NOTE: for resurfacing panels taller than 48 inches, call customer service at 800-335-7319.

Enter the shortest measurement from A, B or C:

Width: Measurement horizontally in three locations: D, E and F

Whiteboard resurfacing measuring guide horizontal

Enter the shortest measurement from D, E or F:

A button will appear once the above measurements are calculated.

Each EverEZ Resurfacing Panel can be manufactured up to 4' tall and up to 30' wide. The measurements you've entered fall outside of these parameters, but we may still be able to provide a solution for your application. Please contact us to discuss a solution by emailing or calling 800-335-7319.