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Our instructors were always complaining about our dry erase boards
until we started using boards from EVERWhite.
- David Staerkel, Facility Manager

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They’re great! I wish I had known about them years ago.
- Ben Adair, Manager of Purchasing

Pre-Designed Education/Business Boards - Lined


EVERWhite offers dry erase whiteboards printed with commonly used classroom and lab layouts such as music staff lines, penmanship lines, grid lines, graphic coordinates, and polar charts.
Graphic coordinates, gridded lines and polar graphs are available the full area of square boards, or on a left or right portion of a rectangular dry erase board. Grids are 1 square inch.
On an EVERWhite lined whiteboard, the lines go all the way across the board’s surface. Graphics are printed below the surface, so the writing area is smooth.
Like all our boards, the dry erase surface is super easy to clean.

Dry Erase Board with Lines

If you want to buy a dry erase board with lines, our selection includes penmanship lines and music staffs. These lined graphics are available either the full length of a square or rectangular whiteboard, or the left or right side of a rectangular whiteboard.
Along with our standard dry erase boards with lines, we can build you a custom board with any layout of lines.

Whiteboards with lines from EVERWhite have an aluminum frame and can be easily mounted on a wall. For most products, there are 13 standard size options. Some sizes are available with wood frames.

Bulk discounts are available for the purchase of two or more lined whiteboards for classrooms or other uses.

We also manufacture and sell whiteboards with watermarked grids. See these ghost-grid lined boards.

Mobile Education Whiteboards

We offer mobile whiteboards with music staff lines, penmanship lines and solid grid lines – all easily moved around a room or from room to room. See these rolling whiteboards with lines.

Call 800-335-7319 to place an order or to discuss your needs for lined whiteboards, or order these whiteboards online.