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Whiteboards for Restaurants and Bars

custom printed whiteboards for restaurants, barsIn the food and beverage world, consumer offerings are consistently changing. You need a way to communicate this information quickly and effectively to keep up with the fast-paced nature of restaurants and bars. EVERWhite offers a multitude of dry erase products – including custom printed whiteboards – that make communication among your staff and your customers simple and powerful.

Our custom printed whiteboards can feature any kind of imagery, from your restaurant’s logo to images of your signature menu offerings. Communicate staff tasks and assignments, including which tables are available and which waitstaff is assigned. Showcase flyers of upcoming events and daily specials on a combination board, featuring our resilient cork board and dry erase surface.

All of our whiteboards can be customized in a way that allows your operation to promote high-profit items, driving sales and keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

See examples of custom designed whiteboards we’ve created for restaurants, bars and food service operations.

Display Important Information for Staff and Customers

EVERWhite custom printed whiteboards for restaurants, bars and institutional food service can display:

  • Menus
  • Daily specials
  • Special events
  • Staffing tasks and assignments
  • Table seating charts
  • Point-of-purchase
  • Calendars
  • To-Do lists
  • Logos

Stick-On QR Codes for Digital Menus

We also offer QR code stickers for digital menus, through our Everase division. This peel-and-stick product is easily applied to most surfaces, and can be removed at a later time without damage to the surface. Our superior surface, which happens to also be dry erase, is so durable that it is scratch and chemical resistant – perfect for environments that need to be sanitized on a regular basis!

Dry Erase Surface Guaranteed Not to Stain

Graphics are embedded under the EVERWhite dry erase surface so will never fade or wear away, and will not create a bumpy surface. We guarantee that the surface will not stain – it’s non-porous, so ink can’t penetrate the surface.

EVERWhite can use your design to create custom whiteboards, or design one for you, based on your idea. These whiteboards can be wall-mounted or on a wheeled frame that can easily be rolled around, then locked into position.

Use our handy online Custom Shop to order a custom-designed whiteboard for your restaurant or bar, in just three easy steps, or call 800-335-7319.

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