Customer Service 1-800-335-7319
Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

Customer Service 1-800-335-7319


EVERWhite, a manufacturer of dry erase products, including resurfacing material, holds certifications from several associations and government agencies, including the following:

EVERWhite Corporation is certified as an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

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NAICA Code: 339940

Certificate Number: PT235136

Expires: 03/01/2025

Small Business Certification

Certification #: 549639-2022-07-SB

Expires: 07/13/2024


BuyBoard is a trusted and experienced source for cooperative purchasing.

Instructional Materials and Classroom Teaching Supplies and Equipment

Vendor Name: EVERWhite Corporation

Contract #: 653-21 (Valid thru 10/31/24)


COSTARS is a program designed to encourage, expand and facilitate savings and value through partnerships with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Everase is proud to be a COSTAR!

Office, School and Library Supplies

Contract #: 004-082

Vendor #: 549-639

Vendor Name: EVERWhite Corporation

Vendor Name: EVERWhite Corporation

CPS Vendor # 44689

Vendor Name: EVERWhite Corporation

NYC DOE Vendor # EVE167129

Vendor Name: EVERWhite Corporation

Vendor ID # 30993


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