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EVERWhite Whiteboards Ship in Specially Designed, Protective Packaging

You can be confident that your EVERWhite whiteboards and cork boards will be in great shape upon arrival – shipped in our specially designed packaging.

whiteboard shipping box

Honeycomb padding is nestled in a wooden frame in our specially design shipping package.

We have worked in conjunction with some of the top packing engineers in the market to come up with packaging designed to offer optimal protection.

It all starts with a protective film on the whiteboard surface (which is easily peeled off prior to use.)

The whiteboard is then protected by two or three (depending on the size board) two-inch-thick corrugated cardboard boxes that serve as protective padding.

Additionally EVERWhite offers additional 3/4 inch hexacomb packing protective material integrated into the skeleton of the box to keep the surface and framing stable and protected.

The padding boxes are nestled in a wooden frame that prevents the entire package from being bent and that provides rigidity against shipping bumps.

The board, nesting and padding boxes are then surrounded by a durable corrugated box that it stapled and banded shut.

The final package has a total thickness of 3.75 inches. It’s a solid package meant to deliver EVERWhite whiteboards, combination boards and cork boards in the same condition as when they are manufactured in our Pennsylvania plant. Boards are shipped with mounting instructions and mounting hardware.