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Lined Whiteboard – Make Presentations More Effective

A lined whiteboard can help presenters easily write in straight lines, but lined boards have other benefits and uses for people giving presentations, watching presentations, or collaborating in education settings,  in businesses and in laboratories.

lined whiteboard - music stavesWhiteboard manufacturers such as EVERWhite offer boards with a variety of lined options. Ideally, the lines are printed below the dry erase surface, so users are not hindered by bumps or ridges. People sometimes use black tape to create their own lines and drys atop a dry erase surface, but drawing over such tape can be problematic and make it difficult or annoying to wipe the board clean. And, the tape eventually loosens and falls off.

Variety of Pre-Printed Whiteboards with Lines

Lined whiteboards are commonly used in education settings, such as boards with penmanship lines and board with music staves. Lines on these boards are pronounced; the lines not only serve as a guide for the user but also have an educational aspect, helping the user and people viewing the use better comprehend what is being taught.

Other lined whiteboards also are printed with solid, very visible lines, such as square grid lines and lines in a polar coordinates pattern. The lines vastly improve the effectiveness of presentations.

4x6 whiteboard with 2-inch ghost grid‘Ghost Grid’ Boards Available, Too

EVERWhite also prints whiteboard with lines and patterns that are barely visible. These “ghost grid” boards are intended to guide presenters, while people viewing the presentation do not see the lines. Lines on these boards can have a 1-inch grid pattern, a 2-inch grid pattern, or isometric patterns that are especially helpful in giving the presentation a 3-D appearance.

A lined whiteboard is commonly framed and adhered to a wall in a classroom or conference room, but EVERWhite also makes mobile whiteboards with pre-printed lines.

Boards with Custom-Designed Lines

Along with standard pre-printed lined whiteboards, EVERWhite can custom-print any desired line design. You can choose to have any layout of rows and columns, spacing between lines, or whatever is needed to help make you get the most out of your whiteboard. Call 800-335-7319 to order a custom-printed, lined whiteboard, or order via our custom printed whiteboard Custom Shop.

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