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The Right Whiteboard for Your Space and Presentation Needs

A question we get often is; “How do I find the right whiteboard for my space and presentation needs?” Here are a few key issues to consider before ordering a whiteboard: budget vs quality, intended use and location.

  • First – Budget vs quality: There are many different whiteboard brands with varying quality and prices. There are so many options that purchasing on price often strongly influences the decision making process.  It’s important to know that while whiteboards may look similar, when you start to compare surfaces and other board materials the decision should become a balance of price and quality. Some whiteboards are higher quality and some whiteboard manufacturers like EverWhite offer a lifetime guaranteed surface with high quality backing and framing materials. EverWhite whiteboards have a tested surface that will not gray or show past writings ghosted in the background.  You can purchase low-cost boards, but chances are in a short amount of time you will have to replace it repeating an exercise that you and your staff don’t have time for. EverWhite has also created a budget conscious option in the form of a resurfacing panel that can be quickly and easily adhered to an existing whiteboard or chalkboard. This option puts you right back to work with a high quality, affordable and guaranteed surface to present on.
  • Second – Intended use: There are many different uses for whiteboards, thus it is important to select from a manufacturer that offers an equal amount of variations and styles.  There are magnetic boards for hanging papers and presentation aids coupled with a surface to write on. There are non-magnetic options if you intend to use the board as a presentation tool only.  A whiteboard and cork board combination is an option if you require writing space but also a location to pin important papers and other presentation aids to a cork surface. Mobile boards are an option when your needs are to roll the boards into different positions for group discussions allowing you to better present in the new mobile classroom or open office set up.  EverWhite offers whiteboards in many different standard sizes with or without cork in aluminum or wood frames and with printed graphic backgrounds to fit your use.
  • Third – Wall space: Many people price a board first without really considering the wall it is intended to hang on. Intended hanging location (centered or in another location) and getting the board to the space when large should be considered.  Some boards can be up to 20 feet wide, however manufacturers like EverWhite produce large boards in two sections, thus providing some flexibility when delivering and hanging.  Some businesses desire a whiteboard that hangs off a cubicle or perhaps a custom cut board that is designed to be hung around other objects on a wall like a monitor. Ordering exact sizes and configurations will enable you to maximize space and presentation needs.