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Dry-Erase Calendar – Great for Scheduling and Reminders

A whiteboard calendar is a great and easy-to-use tool for scheduling and reminders. These wall-mounted boards are commonly used in offices, but also are used in restaurants and other hospitality settings, factories and other industrial settings, and just about anywhere to mark meetings, deadlines, work shifts and other important dates. They’re a great for scheduling reminders at home, too.

4-month whiteboard calendarA calendar whiteboard, also known as a dry erase calendar, will help you remember meetings and deadlines for the month and for coming months. And because whiteboard calendars are low-tech, all you need to do is look at it to be reminded of what’s scheduled.

Use in the Classroom or Office

Classroom Scheduling: A calendar whiteboard can be used by teachers to keep track of assignments, tests, and other classroom activities.
Project Planning: A calendar whiteboard can be used to plan out the steps of a project and set deadlines for each task.

Work Schedule: A calendar whiteboard can help keep track of work schedules, deadlines, and important meetings.

Use at Home

Family Schedule: A calendar whiteboard can be used to keep track of family schedules, including appointments, school activities, and extracurricular events.
Meal Planning: A calendar whiteboard can be used to plan meals for the week or month, making it easier to grocery shop and prepare meals.
Fitness Schedule: A calendar whiteboard can be used to plan out a fitness schedule, including workouts, rest days, and fitness goals.
Vacation Planning: A calendar whiteboard can be used to plan out a vacation schedule, including travel dates, reservations, and activities.

Calendar whiteboards come in a variety of styles and accent colors.

EVERWhite lets you buy a whiteboard calendar that displays one month, two months, three months, four months, six months, or 12 months. Each has the calendar lines printed below the dry erase surface, so the surface remains smooth for writing with a dry erase marker. The surface is super easy to clean with a micro-fiber cloth; no chemicals needed.

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic Surface

The dry erase surface can be magnetic or non-magnetic. EVERWhite’s magnetic whiteboard calendars have cells where the days for that particular month can be attached via magnetism. (EVERWhite offers magnetic month and day kits as an accessory.)

The boards include space at the bottom for writing additional notes.

The dimensions of these monthly dry erase calendars are big enough to easily see what’s scheduled without taking up too much space on a wall. EVERWhite’s calendars are as small as 2×3 feet and as large as 4×8 feet.

These aluminum-framed boards are easily mounted to a wall. Mounting hardware is included with each board.

Using dry erase markers, you can easily mark meeting dates and times, project milestones and deadlines, event days, or activities. These are great for office use and for use at home to keep family schedules organized.

See EVERWhite’s selection of whiteboard calendars.

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