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Working from Home? A Calendar Whiteboard Will Keep Things Organized

People who work from home – especially those who were forced to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have extra responsibilities to stay organized in order to be productive and valuable to their employers. Many have found that a whiteboard calendar is a key tool for staying on task.

A calendar whiteboard, also known as a dry erase calendar, helps people remember meetings and deadlines for the month and for coming months. And because a calendar whiteboard is low-tech, all you need to do is look at it to be reminded of what’s scheduled.

4-month calendar whiteboard, blue, 3x4 aluminum frameCalendar whiteboards come in a variety of styles.

EVERWhite offers boards that display one month, two months, three months, four months, six months, and 12 months. Each has the calendar lines printed below the dry erase surface, so the surface remains smooth. The surface can be magnetic or non-magnetic. EVERWhite’s magnetic calendars have cells where the days for that particular month can be applied. (EVERWhite offers magnetic month and day kits as an accessory.) The dry erase surface of both types is super easy to clean and keep bright and white.

The boards include space at the bottom for additional notes.

The dimensions of these monthly dry erase calendars are big enough to easily see what’s scheduled without taking up too much space on a wall. EVERWhite’s calendars are as small as 2×3 feet and as large as 4×8 feet.
These aluminum-framed boards are easily mounted to a wall.

Using dry erase markers, home office workers can easily mark meeting dates and times, project milestones and deadlines, and personal activities. EVERWhite guarantees that the dry erase surface will not stain or ghost.
People who always have worked from home know the value of being well organized. Those who have worked from home due to pandemic protocols have learned that, too. It is expected that many people will never go back to the office, or will do so on a limited basis.

So if you work from home, make sure you’re staying on top of things by using a framed dry erase calendar.

See EVERWhite’s selection of calendar whiteboards.