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Projection Whiteboards – Matte Surface

5 foot projection whiteboard

Low Glare Dry Erase Surface Is Ideal for Projector Presentations

ULTÍmatte Projection Whiteboards from EVERWhite have a low-glare matte surface that makes them ideal as a screen for projector presentations in classrooms, lecture halls or conference rooms. Our ULTÍmatte whiteboards are 5 feet tall, providing 20 percent more space than standard four-foot whiteboards for writing or drawing during presentations and collaboration meetings.

projection whiteboards order nowULTÍmatte projection whiteboards are available in four dimensions: 5 x 6 feet, 5 x 8 feet, 5 x 10 feet, and 5 x 12 feet.

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Matte Surface on Our Projection Whiteboards Reduces Glare from Projector, Room Lighting

With the matte surface on ULTÍmatte boards, glare from projector lighting, room lights or natural light is significantly lessened. That makes them ideal for use as a projector screen, and for rooms where lighting glare can be distracting. Viewers will appreciate the quality of this projection whiteboard.

With the additional height of the anti-glare ULTÍmatte boards, presentations can be projected in bigger dimensions. That extra space is especially helpful in expanding sight lines in large classrooms, conference rooms and lecture halls.

Everwhite guarantee

Lifetime Guaranteed Surface Won’t Stain or Ghost

Like all EVERWhite whiteboards, the dry erase surface of the whiteboard projector screen has a completely non-porous surface and a lifetime guarantee against staining or ghosting. Dry erase marker ink can be easily wiped away, and boards can be thoroughly cleaned with water or common window cleaners.

whiteboard magnetsMagnetic Surface Extends Presentation Options

ULTÍmatte 5′ whiteboards have a magnetic surface, further extending their use during presentations.

Framing is anodized aluminum, and boards are available with or without a marker tray. The core of the whiteboard is a rigid yet lightweight material. It all adds up to a sturdy product with a long life.

These boards come with mounting hardware and an adhesive backing to help secure them to a wall. While ADA regulations do not specifically refer to wall-mounted, non-sliding whiteboards, some education institutions recommend that whiteboards be hung so the center of the board is 54 inches from the floor, allowing proper access to the surface by persons in wheelchairs. Others recommend a center height of 60 inches from the floor, following ADA regulations regarding signage.

order nowEVERWhite’s ULTÍmatte whiteboards are made in America with materials fabricated in the U.S.

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Matte Surface Also Available on 4-Foot Boards

The matte surface of our projection white boards is also available by special order on our 4-foot-tall boards. Call 800-335-7319 for details and to place an order for a low-glare surface on 4-foot boards.

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