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Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

Standard Ship: 7-10 business days

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Gallery of Custom Whiteboard Designs

Need inspiration or ideas for a custom printed whiteboard? Check out some of the custom designed dry erase boards we’ve created for schools, universities, businesses, sports teams, hospitals, and restaurants! You’ll see that whatever you need printed on a whiteboard, “We Can Do That!”

Custom Printed Whiteboards

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Protected by Our Proprietary Surface, Your Custom Whiteboard Graphic Will Never Fade!

whiteboard guaranteed not to stainGraphic elements are printed below EVERWhite’s proprietary dry erase surface, so they never fade and will not cause bumps on the surface. And, as with all EverWhite whiteboards, our custom printed whiteboards are guaranteed not to stain, because our unique surface is totally non-porous.

Whiteboards can be printed with:

  • business and school logos
  • hospital patient care notes
  • hospital and clinic staffing
  • emergency room and operating room notes
  • sports fields, courts and rinks
  • workout schedules and reps
  • golf course tee times
  • calendars
  • equestrian and horse barn notes
  • business KPIs
  • project management guides
  • plant layouts
  • factory safety notes
  • sales goals
  • reception & waiting room notes

Bulk discounts are available for the purchase of two or more custom printed whiteboards.





Featured Question:

What graphic file types can I use?

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Need Inspiration? We Can Do That!

We’ve manufactured thousands of custom printed whiteboards, so you can be confident in getting the best board for your needs from the EVERWhite Custom Shop. See examples of custom designs we’ve printed on whiteboards!

custom printed whiteboard

EVERWhite Dry Erase Whiteboards

Our boards have superior erasability and stay white and bright for the lifetime of the board — no staining or ghosting! They can be cleaned with ease by using water or common window cleaners. To protect your graphic for life, it is printed under our proprietary surface so it never fades or creates a bumpy surface.