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Solve Your Manufacturing Problems with a Fishbone Diagram on a Whiteboard

With the possibility of many different problems arising in manufacturing, it is vital to stay on top of things. When you do run into a problem, however, a simple diagram on a whiteboard can help get to the bottom of it. A Fishbone diagram is a “cause and effect” diagram that allows you and your employees to determine what the causes of the problem are. The author of the TXM blog explains how to begin your Fishbone diagram.

Fishbone diagram on whiteboardThe first step is to simply define your effect: What is the problem? It could be an issue with quality, production, or safety, to name a few. You’ll want to use numbers and facts when defining your problem to ensure that everyone can agree upon what you’ve come up with. Put this idea at the “head” of the diagram.

Now that the head of the diagram has been decided, brainstorming the causes is your next step. These causes will be the “bones” of the diagram and should be categorized accordingly. The 6M’s of manufacturing work well as categories: Manpower (People), Methods (Process), Machines (Equipment), Materials, Measurements, and Environment. As possible causes are suggested by team members, use discretion to sort them into their fitting category.

Once all the ideas have been written down, determine the top two or three possible causes that can be fixed while having a large impact on the effect.

A Fishbone diagram helps yield the necessary communication to solve your initial problem.

For more on Fishbone diagrams, read more of TMX’s blog here.

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