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Sticky Notes and Whiteboards Boost Idea Input

What does one of the world’s most iconic companies rely on for design ideas? Sticky notes on whiteboards.

The company is IBM, which has approximately 1,600 designers in 44 design studios across the world, according to an article in Forbes.

IBM uses a “design thinking” process, which managing director Diane Paulenich says helps all designers contribute insights. Paulenich says that by using sticky notes on whiteboards, “meeting bullies” are suppressed, and others are more prone to offer ideas.
IBM hopes its design focus helps it better serve customers, and thus make it a stronger company.

The Forbes article notes that IBM embraced the value of design when Thomas Watson Jr. became CEO in 1956. “In 1973, Watson Jr. famously declared in a speech, ‘Good design is good business,’” the article states.

EverWhite whiteboards are commonly used in project management and ideation exercises. Sticky notes easily attach to any whiteboard, magnetic or non-magnetic. With a magnetic whiteboard, documents can be held up with magnets.

At EverWhite, we find that many companies like custom-printed whiteboards for project management and idea sessions. Custom designs can include company logos and other images, company colors, line and charts, or just about anything. Contact EVERWhite to discuss your custom whiteboard idea; call 800-335-7319.