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How to Hang a Whiteboard

Wondering how to hang a whiteboard? The best way is to mount it to a wall a securely as possible, so there is no chance the board will move when someone is drawing or writing on it.

The first thing you should know about hanging a whiteboard is the best height for its use. For offices and educational use in high schools and colleges, the bottom of the board should be 3 feet from the floor. See our Whiteboard Mounting Height recommendations for details.

whiteboard installation guideOnce you know the mounting height, with the use of a digital or manual level, draw a straight line to note the location of the bottom of the board. Do the same for the top of the board, which is either 4 feet or 5 feet above the bottom.

EVERWhite recommends the use of mounting clips to secure the board to the wall, rather than drilling through the frame. See our Whiteboard Installation Instructions for information on placement of the bottom and top clips. In general, the bottom clips should be tightened to the wall, providing a support base that will allow you to secure the top clips.

EVERWhite boards also have an adhesive pad on the back. That further secures the board so there is no chance of movement while it’s being used.

Some low-cost boards can be hung on a wall via the use of hooks. But as noted above, that method will allow movement of the board when it is being used.

See board installation in action in our videos:

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