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College Covers Walls with EVERWhite Resurfacing Panels

EVERWhite’s non-staining dry erase surfaces are common in classrooms and lecture halls in education institutions throughout the U.S. Universities, colleges, high schools and elementary schools install wall-mounted whiteboards or use our whiteboard resurfacing panels. Some schools use our products in unique ways – such as Johnson County Community College in Kansas.

whiteboard wallsThe college had six classrooms and two offices renovated, ranging from minor updates to complete renovations.

In all of the six classrooms, contractor Straub Construction installed EVERWhite’s EverEZ resurfacing panels across full lengths of walls. The resurfacing panels are more commonly used to re-skin old marker boards or to put a dry erase surface over a chalkboard.

whiteboard walls in classroomAccording to Straub Construction, the board-covered walls provide interactive work spaces for multiple student groups. Large flat-screen TVs were then mounted on part of each span of the whiteboard surfaces, creating the multi-use presentation scenarios.

EVERWhite provides dry erase resurfacing skins in sizes customized to the buyer’s need – which is usually equal to a frame size. But Johnson Community College’s use shows another way EverEZ panels can be used in a classroom or lecture hall.

Learn more about EverEZ resurfacing panels on on resurfacing page.

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