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A Whiteboard is Among the Top Five Productivity Tools

No matter your profession, you probably have got to get something (or a lot of things) done during your day. Many companies keep track of tasks and goals by posting a list on their whiteboards for all to see, but sometimes staying productive can be a struggle, especially as summer weather and daydreams of your upcoming vacations enter the frame. In order to stay on track, Crystal Jepsen, blogger and writer, lays down the top five tools for a more productive work day, including using a whiteboard for productivity.

  1. big selection - whiteboards for saleGet a Whiteboard: To-do and grocery lists can easily be seen, and contributed to by anyone in your home or office. It’s hard to miss a big, scribbled-on board in the middle of your kitchen or break room, so be sure in invest in a quality whiteboard.
  2. Alexa Versus Siri: Either one of these two can help make notes for you, set alarms, or book appointments. Just think of them as a free personal assistant.
  3. Break up the Day: Some people find it helpful to do little bits of big projects, rather than attempting to tackle the whole thing in one sitting. Do what works for you!
  4. “Me Time”: whether it is a walk around the office or a Netflix show during your lunch hour, give yourself a quick break during your day. That little bit of self-help can get you back in the productive mood when you start slumping.
  5. Remove Distractions: Some people can listen to music or watch TV in the background of that quarterly write-up, and some can’t. If you struggle with distractions, take the initiative and get rid of them. Your boss will thank you.

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