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Save Money With Whiteboard Resurfacing Panels

Give Old Whiteboards, Chalkboards New Life
With Easy-to-Install Whiteboard Panels

whiteboard resurfacing panel measuring

Download Our Easy Form to Measure Surfaces for Whiteboard Resurfacing Panels

EverEZ Resurfacing Panels install over the surface of your old chalkboards or stained whiteboards, transforming them into new whiteboards with minimal cost and effort.

EverWhite cuts whiteboard resurfacing panels to the size you need, so you can be confident of the proper fit for your existing frame. We make them with a peel-and-stick backing for easy installation. We recommend at least two people be involved in the installation.

American-made EverWhite resurfacing whiteboard panels are guaranteed not to stain.

Our whiteboard resurfacing panels, also known as resurfacing skins, offer:

  • Custom-cut sizing to fit within existing boards frames
  • Self-adhesive pressure-sensitive backing
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lifetime guaranteed non-staining surface

Check out more on the EverWhite Resurfacing Panels website page.