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2-in-1 ULTÍmatte is Projection Whiteboard and Marker Board

A projection whiteboard should have a matte surface that reduces glare that could make viewing difficult. EVERWhite’s ULTÍmatte dry erase boards offer that non-glaring surface.

projection whiteboardTeachers, meeting facilitators and conference speakers commonly use interactive projectors or regular projectors during presentations. Dry erase whiteboards often serve as the screen for such presentations. ULTÍmatte boards are ideal for using with any kind of projector.

The matte surface of ULTÍmatte reduces glare from projectors, room lights, and natural light.

ULTÍmatte projection boards not only have a matte surface to enhance presentations. At 5 feet tall, these boards offer 20 percent more space than common marker boards. The ULTÍmatte whiteboards come in 5 x 6, 5 x 8, 5 x 10, and 5 x 12 dimensions, and can be purchased online on this website.

As dual-use, 2-in-1 boards, ULTÍmatte provides great value. Use ULTÍmatte as a whiteboard for teaching, collaborating or presenting via dry erase marker drawings and words, or use it as a projection whiteboard.

So if you want to use a dry erase board as a projection screen, ULTÍmatte is the solution.

Like all EVERWhite boards, ULTÍmatte projection whiteboards are guaranteed not to stain or ghost.

Learn more about ULTÍmatte projector screen boards, or buy now.

5 foot whiteboards - ULTImatte