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How to Use a Whiteboard to Recharge Creativity

How do you get over that 3 o’clock slump that often hits at the office? One way to get the creative juices flowing again is by using a whiteboard.

That’s the advice of Lisa Haugh, a vice president at Udemy, a global online education company.

Haugh, in a commentary in Fortune, offers a variety of things companies can let employees do to recharge, saying that employers need to be creative in managingCustom whiteboard people if they expect their people to be creative throughout the day.

Let employees “get in front of a whiteboard and start scribbling,” she advises as one of her low-tech options.”Draw pictures. Brainstorm. You shouldn’t worry about format or feasibility.”

As whiteboards are so common in offices, this could be an easy approach for many companies to take.

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