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Whiteboards Made in the USA for Lasting Quality

When you purchase a product, your assumption is that the product is of high quality and will provide you years of good service; right? At EVERWhite, we manufacture all our whiteboard products in the USA to ensure lasting quality. That means you get the best whiteboard.

Whiteboards are the main product we manufacture, so our attention is on the highest quality product we can make for your needs. Unlike others in the industry that import boards and resell them or are busy working on several other communication products, EVERWhite focuses on whiteboard products, thus our focus is of the highest quality and the best dry erase boards. (See our selection of aluminum and wood framed whiteboards.)

Our specialists in the production area are all trained to focus their attention and many skills on making each whiteboard to the highest standards possible.

The proprietary surface EVERWhite invented is guaranteed not to gray out over time and is tested to withstand more than 700,000 wipes. Competitive surfaces start to breakdown or show ghosting after 50,000 wipes!

The EVERWhite surface is so non-porous that you can use non-dry erase markers on it and still wipe it clean.

Printed graphics are printed under the surface which allows the graphic elements to stay pristine protecting them from dulling as the graphic is sealed. Additionally, EVERWhite uses only the best backing materials and aluminum or wood frames in hundreds of options.

Our guaranteed surface will stay white and never ghost or gray over time. Each and every presentation you make will be just like the first!