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Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

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Have a unique shaped whiteboard or printed graphic in mind? We can do that!

EverWhite manufactures all its whiteboards in the US, making it convenient for us to customize the shape and dimensions of a whiteboard, or print your unique graphic design under our proprietary dry erase surface.

odd-shaped whiteboard

Whether you need a whiteboard that fits around other wall-hung signs or monitors, or you have a unique-sized wall, or have other special configuration needs, we can custom-cut and produce a board to your specifications!

Have a brainstorming room or war room and want a unique marker board for it?

Have a unique coaching whiteboard request?

Many times we get calls from customers who are wondering if we can do a very unique shaped board or print a design under the EverWhite dry erase surface. Bring your imagination and your design; chances are we have done something similar and can produce whatever your needs are. Need help designing? We’re here for you.

It might be an “L” shape or a “T” shape or other shape that fits around a monitor or other wall hanging device. You may have a wall that will only accept a certain shape. Or you might have a unique design request. Just go to our handy custom sized whiteboard section or, for printed graphics, go to this section.

Custom whiteboard

Or just call our friendly customer service representatives who will be glad to answer your questions! 1-800-335-7319.

Your imagination is the limit at EverWhite!

We proudly manufacture our whiteboards in the US so you know the quality will be great and shipping will be timely!

Call 800-335-7319 or use our online contact forms to let us know your special whiteboard needs. … We Can Do That!