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EVERWhite Dry Erase Surface Available on Mobile Boards

January 2020 – EVERWhite’s famous non-staining dry erase whiteboard surface is now available on very sturdy, mobile stands. These mobile dry erase boards have high quality, lockable casters that make it easy to roll them within a room or from room to room.

Edison Series mobile whiteboard varietyOur new portable whiteboards – the Edison Series, all have magnetic, dry erase whiteboard surfaces on both sides. The dry erase surfaces can be easily flipped from one side to the other, and locked in a straight up-and-down position or at any any angle.

Like all of our dry erase whiteboards, the surfaces on the Edison Series boards are guaranteed never to stain, will stay white and bright, and are the easiest dry erase surfaces to clean.

The Edison Series includes plain whiteboard surfaces, as well as boards with graphics preprinted below the surface. Graphics include images for sports coaching, business planning and collaboration, and education.

We designed our mobile dry erase whiteboards to be very sturdy and highly durable – especially when compared to other portable boards on the market. The stands are made of high quality, oval aluminum that maintains its structural integrity, and that keeps the framed whiteboard highly stable during use. Read more in our Edison Series announcement, and see all the rolling whiteboards on our Mobile Whiteboards product selection page.

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