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Custom Printed Whiteboards Score with NBA Team

Court Diagrams, Workout Charts, Logos, Help Bulls Achieve Greatness

The Chicago Bulls rely heavily on custom whiteboards printed with basketball court diagrams and workout charts to communicate with players.

The Bulls’ dry erase whiteboards need to withstand frequent use. And they need custom graphics to support the sports team’s brand and its coaching needs.

basketball court diagram printed on whiteboardThe NBA team has custom printed whiteboards in locker rooms, meeting rooms, coaches’ offices, workout rooms, and gymnasium. But when Ben Adair joined the team several years ago as manager of purchasing, he found dry erase boards that were stained and difficult to keep clean.

“We, quite frankly, were disappointed in the ghosting left behind even though we used the appropriate materials for cleaning—they still didn’t clean up well,” he said. (Read: How to Clean a Whiteboard.)

The stains interfered with basketball plays and notes written on the old dry erase boards.

Adair had ordered from various well-known suppliers and manufacturers of whiteboards, but none of the products met his expectations. Determined to find a product that would work, Adair researched online and came across EverWhite.

He learned that EverWhite, which manufactures and sells whiteboards, offered printed dry erase boards with graphics that would not wear away, and with a lifetime guaranteed dry erase surface.

Adair took advantage of EverWhite’s free sample offer and requested a sample. When the EverWhite whiteboard sample arrived, he tested it and explained, “The whiteness was outstanding and the erasing capability was perfect. The writing removed so easily and left the surface just as white as it was before.”

Adair wasted no time ordering EverWhite’s printed whiteboards for his team. When the products arrived, he compared them side by side with his previous whiteboards. He noted that the EverWhite custom printed whiteboards had brighter graphics and a smoother surface because the graphics were embedded under the dry erase surface instead of printed on top of the dry erase surface.

With the additional assurance of a lifetime guarantee, Adair felt confident that he had made the right choice by choosing EverWhite custom printed whiteboards. (Learn more: Custom Printed Whiteboards.)

When Chicago Bulls staff, coaches and players started using the new custom printed whiteboards, the response was very positive. The EverWhite boards provided the quality, stain-resistance, and customization they were looking for.

According to Adair, “Everything from the customer service to the design of the graphics went smoothly. I wished I’d known about EverWhite years ago.”

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