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Archive for July, 2018

New MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Boards Offer Daily Whiteboard Use, Protection During Attacks

Posted on: July 26th, 2018 by Rich Buss

MOBILEGuard™ combines ballistic panel system with daily-use whiteboards to give your classroom, office, or public space a protective edge. You can get creative with custom graphics, too.

MOBILEGuard® Introduced as Key Component of School, Business Attacker-Protection Plan

Posted on: July 25th, 2018 by Rich Buss

MOBILEGuard® provides high-level protection during active-shooter or other intruder incidents in classrooms, offices, and other public spaces. The ballistic panels can be joined to create a shelter-in-place.

MOBILEGuard® Shelter-in-Place Solution Provides Configurability and Scalability for Any Space

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 by Rich Buss

MOBILEGuard® offers ballistic protection with maximum configurability and scalability, with various sizes of the whiteboard panels. This new product can be a valuable part of a school or business security plan.

School Security is Growing; Ballistic Whiteboards are Part of the Solution

Posted on: July 23rd, 2018 by Rich Buss

With the school security market growing, MOBILEGuard® is introduced as a duel-use ballistic panel system to add protection to schools, offices, and public spaces. It can be a valuable part of an overall security plan.

Documented Sales Process on a Whiteboard Adds Consistency to a Sales Team

Posted on: July 12th, 2018 by Rich Buss

Add consistency to your sales team with a documented sales process at your next whiteboard meeting to yield an overall higher return.