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Documented Sales Process on a Whiteboard Adds Consistency to a Sales Team

No matter the industry, it seems as though every business has a variety of people in their sales team, and a variety of sales tactics with that. While this may take on the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach in regards to the overall team’s success, it is much more important to be consistent throughout. Offering a written process to a sales team can provide major benefits, including quicker implementation of the strategies and being able to offer more focused feedback to figure out what sales tactics are and are not working.

It may seem daunting to redo the sales approach, but The Yec outlines how to create a documented sales process in their blog.

  1. Gather the entire sales and marketing teams into one room, using virtual tools if necessary.
  2. The group should define potential clients’ needs.
  3. Use your office whiteboard to outline what a prospect does, what your company does to turn them into actual customers.
  4. Troubleshoot the bottlenecks in the outline and figure out why they exist.
  5. Take photos or notes of the whiteboard to ensure that everyone knows what your group has talked about.
  6. Hold your team accountable for following the sales process. If people start straying from the written process, your team will go right back into their old ways.

Establishing a written sales process with a whiteboard meeting can lead to each team member taking ownership over their successes and failures. A collaborative method like this will yield an overall higher return and bring your team closer.

Read The Yec’s blog to learn more about how to make your sales process more consistent.

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