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Whiteboards Remain a Top Tool for Teaching in the Classroom

Whiteboards remain a very effective and useful tool for teaching – and actually may be the best choice for classroom presentations, according to a blog at Surprisingly More™.

“Not only are they far more budget friendly, but you’ll never have to worry about technology failing at a critical moment with a dry-wipe whiteboard,” the author writes.

teacher at whiteboardSchool district administrators, principles and facilities managers can appreciate the budget friendly aspect of whiteboards as compared to technology-based boards. And teachers can relate to the frustrations of touchy technology and the situation where technology gets in the way of learning.

Whiteboards are great for getting students involved. The author notes: “Get pupils involved by asking them to come up to the front of the class and write or draw on the board. A whiteboard is far more than just a simple support tool, it is a way to engage students in lessons and encourage class participation.”

To use a whiteboard most effectively in lesson teaching, follow these practices:

  • Make sure there are good sight lines to the board so all students can see
  • Write big enough so students in the back of the room can see
  • Use dry erase markers with dark colors for best viewability
  • Don’t keep your back to the students for too long!
  • Keep information on the whiteboard well organized and neat
  • Consider “sectioning” the board for daily lessons and information that needs to remain on the board for more than one day

Read more at the blog at Surprisingly More™.

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