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Air Force Base Commander Uses Whiteboards and Daily Huddles for Continuous Process Improvement Management System

Beth Kohsin, director of the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) program office at the Air Force Medical Operations Agency, sees a Department of Defense whiteboardstructured whiteboard and the ensuing huddles at the beginning of the day not only as an addition to the staff’s daily tasks but “what makes a difference for their team and leadership.”

According to The DoD patient safety program, Kohsin sees frontline staff feeling more connected to their immediate frontline leaders including senior leadership because they are actually coming to the huddles, understand issues, and help. Staff members see their immediate concerns put up on the whiteboards.

As an example of the use of structured whiteboards, the 61st Medical Squadron in Los Angeles used management whiteboards to monitor quality checks for bacteria of pharmaceutical equipment that adds water to powdered prescriptions. The results of this check caused other teams to add the issue to their management boards and track it to ensure safety for patients.

Lt. Col. Laura Lewis, chief nurse with the 61st Medical Squadron, was a co-champion behind the daily management board launch at the Los Angeles Air Force base. Lewis said the accountability and visibility of end results were attractive to her team. The squadron has 11 daily management boards and one leadership management board.

Read more tips about daily leadership, huddles with staff and use of whiteboards to focus people on important issues by The DoD patient safety program.

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