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Whiteboards Are Great for Engaging Students

Whiteboards are a versatile tool in the classroom, and are great at engaging students. TeachHub blogger Laura Candler says “nothing beats a classroom whiteboard” for keeping students engaged in every lesson.

Along with their ability to keep students involved, Candler notes that whiteboards keep on working – no technology challenges or glitches to worry about.

She offers seven reasons to use a whiteboard in a classroom, including:

  1. You can use them to engage every child in every single lesson.
  2. Minute by minute, you’ll know exactly who’s grasping the concepts and who’s not.
  3. Students love them because they’re fun. Mistakes made during guided practice can be easily brushed away.
  4. Using dry erase boards will save paper and significantly reduce the stack of work you take home to grade.
  5. Dry erase boards can be used in whole group instruction, small guided groups, and learning centers.
  6. No need to worry about technology failing when you need it most.
  7. No learning curve or advanced prep! Just pass out the dry erase boards and let the learning begin!

Candler also offers some ideas for using whiteboards as part of effective teaching methods. Her advice includes strategies for determining readiness, reviewing concepts, guided practice, targeted help, daily quick checks, and more.

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