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Tips for More Effective Whiteboard Use in Classrooms

Looking to make your classroom whiteboard more effective? How you organize lessons on a board can make a big difference. That’s what teacher Pete writes in his education blog, specifically a piece on how he learned to present lesson plans in a better manner.

whiteboard classroom useLesson goals are one of the most important things to write on the dry erase board, he notes. As each goal is achieved, he advises putting a checkmark next to the goal, so students know that they are succeeding, and so the teacher knows the students are grasping the material.

He also advises organizing the board based on lesson aims. Along with goals, the board layout should include a working space, a section for material that is the focus of the lesson, and a section for errors.

Along with good organization, neatness is important, too, he says, suggesting that teachers test their writing on a whiteboard, then walk to the back of the room to see how well they can read what was written.

Another tip is to use different color markers, but be consistent in the use of specific colors for specific purposes.

You can read more of Pete’s advise for more effective use of whiteboards in classrooms at this page of his blog: 16 Ways to Improve Your Whiteboard Work.