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Use Whiteboards At Home to Stay Organized During the School Year

It’s back-to-school time in much of the country, and in some areas students are already in class. Educators will be using whiteboards to teach and post assignments, schedules and other notes to help keep students on track.

Whiteboards also are good organizers for children at home. Put up a whiteboard in a child’s room for him or her to write or draw whatever, but also for time management. Homework schedules, sports practices and games, club meetings and activities, and social events all can be noted on a whiteboard to help your child learn time management.

Install another whiteboard in a common area or a “drop zone” where your children leave their backpacks when they come in the house or some other spot. Children can write notes on this whiteboard, but it’s more for parents to write reminders for schedules, pick-up times, appointments, field trips, meal planners, and home chores.

Common-area whiteboards also are good for you or your children to note where they are, such as at a friend’s house or some activity.

As EverWhite whiteboards are so easy to clean and stay white as new, your home whiteboards will always look great.

If you have a magnetic whiteboard, papers that need to be turned in can be attached to the board so they’re not forgotten.

The school year is a hectic. Use a whiteboard to keep things on track, and to make sure daily activities go as smoothly as possible.

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