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Teacher Finds High Value in Use of Individual Whiteboards

Wall-hung whiteboards are a favorite of teachers in classrooms of all levels. But small size whiteboards for individual student use can also be great for teaching.

One teacher calls mini-whiteboards ideal for starting math lessons.

‘There is, in my opinion, no better tool to start a maths lesson,” writes Katy Pembroke in a column at the Tes Global website for teaching resources. “And for a low-stakes test on the hierarchical build-up of skill over the course of a topic, there’s nothing that can beat them,” she adds.

In her classroom, Pembroke finds that the use of mini-whiteboards helps students transition from whole-class work to working in exercise books. “But the smoother transitions are not the only reason I love mini-whiteboards in maths,” she writes. “There’s also the fact that I can see at a glance what my students are doing.”

Pembroke also likes the way that work on whiteboards can easily and quickly be corrected as she moves about the classroom, which “has the effect of students worrying less about making mistakes than they do on paper and makes them more likely to have a go at the challenging questions.”

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EverWhite offers whiteboards as small at one foot by one foot, and several other small sizes. We also can create custom-sized whiteboards.