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Teacher Calls Whiteboards an ‘Essential’ Classroom Need

Everyone knows that whiteboards have been essential elements of classrooms. But the author of the Teaching Made Practical blog says whiteboards are one of her nine must-have items for upper elementary school teachers.

“I really don’t know what I would have done if I had to teach in a time before whiteboards and markers,” the teacher writes, referring to individual student whiteboards.

The teacher likes individual whiteboards so much that she used them in class at least five times per day.

She sees the benefits of classroom whiteboards as:

Increased Student Engagement – Students get more excited about using dry erase markers than pencils.

Quick Assessment – A teacher can readily see who grasps the lesson and who needs help by looking at answers on their whiteboards.

Quick Spontaneous Activities – When class is interrupted, students can easily be directed to work on vocabulary, math or another subject.

Easy to Adjust and Correct Mistakes – Struggling students can easily wipe away their mistakes and start fresh.

For more of her tips on using whiteboards in elementary classrooms, including storage and cleaning tips, she her Teaching Made Practical blog.