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How to Use a Whiteboard for to Monitor Task Accomplishments

Whiteboards are just for writing. Sticky notes add a lot of power to whiteboards for project management, scheduling, ideation, teaching and much more.

One tech company that uses a whiteboard for project management calls it the “Getting Stuff Done” — or GSD board.
The company, WebFly, has employee names written with a dry erase marker across the top of the GSD board. Below each name are sticky notes with tasks written on them.

Tasks that are being worked on now are in a row delineated with dry erase marker lines. Below that row are upcoming or lower priority tasks.

As tasks are accomplished the sticky notes are moved to an “Accomplishments” section of the whiteboard.
Short morning meetings keep the entire staff aware of who’s doing what, and what’s getting done. The company said that is has found that mini-meetings every day are a lot more helpful than the usual two-hour Friday meeting.

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