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SWOT Analyses Are Good For Project Management, Using a Whiteboard

The SWOT analysis method is commonly used to identify an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. But it’s also a good tool for project management, according to Marian Haus, a Project Management Professional, in a column at projectmanagement.com.

SWOT whiteboardIn her column, Haus lays out how to prepare for a project management SWOT analysis, and how to moderate a session, including the value of a whiteboard for the process.

Haus divides the preparation/moderation process into four areas: What, How, Conduct and Strategize, and recommends how much time should be spent on each section.

She recommends drawing a SWOT matrix on a whiteboard, with a quadrant for each of the SWOT attributes.

“When used in project management, SWOT can help capture internal project aspects (strengths and weaknesses), as well as the external aspects (opportunities and threats) that can positively or negatively influence the project,” Haus writes.

Read more about how to use a SWOT analysis for project management in her column.