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Staying Focused With a Whiteboard

Have trouble maintaining focus? It’s not uncommon, but a business executive has found that use of whiteboards helps keep him on task.

Jack Kosakowski, writing in Harvard Business Review, reveals how he was diagnosed with ADHD after college and how that factored in his career decision. He also notes that to be successful, “I’d have to organize and track my interactions with prospects and clients and stay attentive to their needs.”

Kosakowski does that organizing on a 2-square-foot whiteboard on his desk, and a larger, wall-mounted whiteboard in his office.

The small whiteboard lists short-term responsibilities, while the large one has long-term items, such as business development and website updates. He reserves Wednesday for long-term issues, so on the other days of the week, the short-term whiteboard list commands his attention.

“These lists stare at me all day. I update them constantly and stick to them religiously,” writes in his Harvard Business Review column.

Read more about how Kosakowski stays on task in his column entitled: 5 Ways to Focus at Work, from an Executive Who’s Struggled with ADHD.