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Our Special Non-Porous Surface Makes for Better Presentations, Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest frustrations with some whiteboards is the staining and “ghosting” that occurs when dry erase marker ink penetrates the surface. Once that happens – as it commonly does with low quality boards, there’s not much that can be done.

That ghosting and staining can distract from presentations, and even make it difficult to see what’s being written or drawn.

best whiteboard surfaceThat problem was the reason EVERWhite whiteboards were created. Our high quality surface won’t stain or ghost because it is non-porous. Ink simply cannot penetrate the surface. It easily wipes away with a micro-fiber cloth or common whiteboard eraser.

Even permanent marker ink can be removed from the EVERWhite surface. How? Just write over the permanent ink with a common dry erase marker, then wipe away. You might have to write over the permanent ink a second time – but it will be removed!

While dry erase marker ink easily wipes away, we recommend occasional cleaning of the surface. That’s easy, too! Just use warm water or any common window cleaner. There is no need for harsh chemicals or specialty cleaners.

EVERWhite’s non-porous surface is a winner not just for people using the boards for presentations or planning, but also for maintenance staff and for purchasing departments. Maintenance staff appreciate the ease of cleaning, while administrators and purchasing departments like the fact that, with EVERWhite’s lifetime guarantee, they don’t need to continually replace whiteboards.

Our non-staining surface goes on every board we manufacture – including our whiteboards with custom designs printed underneath the surface and our custom size whiteboards.

So if you’re looking for a whiteboard that stays bright and white, that has the best erasability, that’s easy to clean, and that lasts a long time, EVERWhite is the smart choice. See our selection of whiteboards with our non-porous dry erase surface, with aluminum frames and wood frames.