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6 Tips to Master Whiteboard Presentations

“A whiteboard can be a super helpful tool in meetings and group discussions. But, when it’s not used effectively, it can be a distraction ….”

That’s the advice of OfficeNinjas columnist Jenessa Connor, who offers a six key tips on how to be the most effective when using a whiteboard in a presentation or lesson.

In summary, Jenessa’s six tips are:

  1. Focus on Purpose – Stay on track by writing down goals, questions, or whatever is needed to keep a meeting in focus.
  2. Write Clearly – If your writing isn’t the best, slow down. Also, summarize with key phrases.
  3. Erase As You Go – As the presentation and discussion move on, erase parts of the presentation — but keep the goals! And: Ask the participants if it’s OK to erase.
  4. Organize Ideas – Establish columns for different ideas.
  5. Other Thoughts – Discussions usually lead to comments that are valuable but not relevant to the presentation’s goals. Save a corner of the board for such thoughts.
  6. Take a Picture – Before you erase, take a photo of what’s on the board, and make the photo available to the participants.

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If you follow the tips, you’ll be known as the master of the whiteboard!