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Individual Whiteboards Help Engage Students in the Classroom

People often think of a whiteboard as something adhered to a wall or mounted to a mobile frame. In either case, those are relatively large surfaces. But “personal size” whiteboards also are available, and can be used as individual student classroom whiteboards.

Blogger Laura Candler offers some great ideas in a TeachHub post on the use of individual whiteboards, and how to best care for the boards.

She calls individual dry erase boards “one of the easiest ways to keep kids engaged in every lesson,” and offers a number of strategies for using them.

In the ‘Partner Pass,” students with similar abilities are paired and given tasks or questions. The two students take turns answering and recording, while the other coaches and checks the answers.

In the “Pairs Compare” approach, pairs of students each have their own boards and mark their own answers. When each is done, they compare answers and discuss solutions.

In the “Showdown” approach, students are in teams and each one silently marks an answer as a leader presents a question card. Once they are all done, the leader announces “Showdown” and all the students show their answers. A discussion of solutions follows.

Check out Candler’s three-part blog for more on the use of individual whiteboards in school classrooms, and for her advice on caring for the individual boards.

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