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How Whiteboards Can Help the Sales Process

Whiteboards are a valuable tool for sales people to develop methodical storytelling to strengthen sales efforts. That’s according to Tim Riesterer, chief strategy officer of Corporate Visions, who details the process in a blog at

“Whiteboarding is a key communication strategy your team needs to hone” Riesterer writes. “Whiteboard selling is all about what are you going to say when you get there.”

He notes who visual storytelling can be an effective approach when presenting to executive decision makers – but only effective when the approach is systematic.

Riesterer advises a three-step approach to developing effective whiteboarding: 1) develop the presentation; 2) deploy the presentation and; 3) develop the presentation.

Develop the Presentation

Riesterer says great whiteboard presentations are the result of a “well facilitated development process.” If that process is followed, the presentation will appear spontaneous and easy to follow.

Develop the Presentation

“Packaging your whiteboard presentations for use in the field requires a toolkit containing coaching and customer-facing content,” Riesterer writes.

Deliver the Presentation

Sufficient training is essential, on the use of markers and how the markers work on a particular dry erase surface, and also on the conversation that will be part of the presentation.

Read the details of Riesterer’s “How You Should be Whiteboarding.”

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