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How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Whiteboard

how to remove permanent marker ink from a whiteboardWondering how to get permanent marker ink off a whiteboard? We have the answer.

It’s often possible to remove the permanent marker ink easily, especially if your whiteboard has a high-quality surface such as the EVERWhite surface.

Here’s how to remove permanent marker ink from a white board: Trace over the permanent ink markings on the whiteboard with a dry erase marker. Then, wipe the board with a microfiber cloth, such as our EverCloth. Next, spray the area with a common window cleaner, such as Windex® and wipe again.

That simple process should give your dry erase board a clean surface.

EVERWhite’s customer service staff can help with other surface marker issues. Call us at 800-335-7319.

See Our Lineup of Non-Staining Whiteboards!

Dry erase markers were invented in 1975 – long after whiteboards were first created in the 1960s. Until the dry erase marker was available, whiteboard markings had to be cleaned quickly, and even then, staining and ghosting were common.

Whiteboard dry erase surfaces have come a long way since the 1960s, including the development of the EVERWhite non-staining whiteboard surface in the 1990s.

The EVERWhite surface is so non-porous that we guarantee it will not stain.