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How to Be a Great Leader During a Whiteboard Presentation

Make the most out of planning or collaboration meetings with a little advance planning and smart use of a whiteboard.

whiteboard meetingRex Hammock, in his series on effective whiteboard use, offers the following basic tips on how to lead a meeting to get the best outcome.

“A meeting’s success is determined before it begins,” he says. So make sure these basic steps have been taken:

  • Determine a specific goal or outcome and share those goals with participants in advance.
  • Make sure all participants get a meeting agenda at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Let participants know what will be expected of them during the meeting.
  • Use 3×5 cards to prepare meeting content, and to plan use of the whiteboard for displaying the content.
  • Practice drawing any images if they are to be part of the whiteboard presentation.
  • Organize the whiteboard into blocks that can be easily photographed with a smartphone.

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