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Whiteboards Great for Home Office Organizing

Despite their capabilities for any size organization, whiteboards are presumed to be mainly found in larger professional settings. They are generally displayed in an environment where many employees come and go, such as a hospital patient’s room, a school classroom, or a manufacturing facility. However, whiteboards can also be used in a home office. In her article, Celine Roque discusses several different ways that a whiteboard can take on the role of organizing both work and home life.

calendar whiteboardDaily Checklist: Making a task list visible rather than using an app on your phone, for instance, should help you stay focused. If others can see the tasks that you are (or are not) getting done, it makes it easier to complete tasks.

Desk Cleaner: Between the faxes, receipts, and general paperwork, your desk can easily get cluttered. Most whiteboards are magnetic, so avoid losing that important letter amongst the desk mess, and hang up documents that are in the works using magnets.

Message Board: Leave quick updates for family members when you head to the store or an appointment by leaving a section of your whiteboard for communicating with one another.

Calendar: Keep track of times and dates of everyone in the house. Using different colored markers is an easy way to organize everyone’s busy schedules. EverWhite offers custom whiteboard graphics, like a calendar template, so there is no need for redrawing lines.

Brainstorm Headquarters: Go wild with ideas and write everything that comes to your head for upcoming projects at work. Whiteboards make it easy to highlight the good and wipe away the not-so-good.

Read her blog for more ideas on how to properly use your home office whiteboard. EverWhite creates custom size whiteboards to fit any office, big or small. Get in touch with one of our salespeople at 800-335-7319 to see how we can update your home office.