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Go Offline When Homeschooling With a Whiteboard and a Marker!

  • Education:
    • Kids need stimulation while at home and a whiteboard is a simple tool to get them up in front of their “class” answering questions while making it educational and fun at the same time! 
  • Organization:
    • Families are in need of organization now that all (or most) family members are at home. Use a whiteboard centrally located to teaching whiteboardsprovide the day’s activities and keep them in some structure.  Mix it up!
  • Brainstorming with kids!
    • Pent up energy can be overwhelming so let them brainstorm the events of the day and then allow them the freedom to think creatively! Each child goes up to the whiteboard and writes down their ideas on what they want to learn (some guidance of course) or how they want to learn the lesson of the day ( of course the “teacher” will combine ideas and provide some organization).
  • innovate:
    • Can kids be innovative? Yes!  Let them bring ideas together to create something thus teaching them the power of innovation.  Who knows what they will create!
  • Create a game:
    • Create a game with the whiteboard by letting the kids create symbols or characters and then a game using those characters. Make it stimulating while learning the power of creating something from nothing.
  • Drawing as an exercise:
    • Have each child go up and draw something on the whiteboard that is their interpretation of the ideas or lesson at hand.
  • Enjoyment:
    • Kids need to have fun along with daily lessons! Give them a marker and let them create on a whiteboard!
  • OOPS moment:
    • Someone used permanent marker on a whiteboard? No problem! With EVERWhite whiteboards you can erase even permanent marker with a simple technique see it here.
  • Free time:
    • Each child has the freedom to go up and use the whiteboard as 1-month dry erase calendar whiteboard, blue, 4x6 aluminum frametheir “canvas” for creating anything they have in mind. Let them draw as this could also be therapeutic.  Let them share their feelings and ideas freely! And use magnets to further their creative tendencies.
  • Calendar and times:
    • Use the whiteboard as a calendar to keep some semblance of order in a chaotic world. 

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